Song Fang Maison specializes in the finest quality Chinese and French teas for sale and to savor on the premises. It was created in Shanghai in 2007 by Florence Samson , a Paris native and a Shanghai resident for more than 10 years. Her Chinese name is Song Fang (Song means the Song dynasty and Fang means fragrant and of good reputation).
Florence graduated from HEC in France, and Harvard Business School in the USA. Her first contact with Asia was in 1990 when she studied at Hitotsubashi university in Japan. It was then that she discovered the martial arts; she has now a black belt in Taekwondo.
Florence worked for Dior cosmetics in Russia and China before becoming General Manager of Veuve Clicquot in China. She left the LVMH group to start the Song Fang tea company as she wanted to share her passion for premium teas and the Chinese culture. Tea was invented in China and Chinese farmers have lovingly tended and harvested tea for nearly 5000 years. Song Fang is a tribute to those farmers.

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